Whiskey Barrel Bolt Action Pen

Whiskey Barrel Bolt Action Pen

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Seeking a clever and unique gift for the hunter or gun-collector in your life? Look no further than this fun and unique handcrafted whiskey barrel bolt action bullet pen. 

Choose from Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam or Makers Mark. Each pen includes a Certificate of Authenticity to show it has been made from the whiskey brand of your choice.

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The wooden body is handcrafted from wood reclaimed from a genuine whiskey barrels. A portion of the charred interior of the barrel has been maintained in the finished product. The wood is finished with a clear and durable finish and polished to a high luster. The metal components have a durable gun metal finish. 

This click pen activated with an ultra smooth "bolt action" lever. This is a ballpoint pen with a refillable black Parker style ink insert. Your hunter or shooter will surely appreciate the beauty this pen embraces.

All of our Parker Style ballpoint pens include top quality Schmidt ink refills. The Schmidt Easyflow refills start flowing ink the instant you begin writing. No delays. No skips. They produce a clean and precise ink line. And they last longer than standard refills.

Optional Rifle Case Pen Box

Optional Rifle Case Pen Box

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