Thin Red Line America Flag Twist Pen

Thin Red Line America Flag Twist Pen

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These handmade Thin Red Line Flag pens are absolutely beautiful and make the perfect gift for firefighters.

The Thin Red Line is a symbol used to recognize Firefighters for their unwavering courage. Between harm's way and innocent citizens stands a thin red line of committed firefighters These brave men and women put their lives second to those that they protect.

Oak Lane Woodworks is a firefighter owned and operated small business.

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Each star and stripe is inlaid by hand. The wooden body is then turned and finished with a clear protective coating.

This is a twist pen with durable black enamel hardware.

This is a ballpoint pen with a replaceable black Parker style ink insert.

All of our Parker Style ballpoint pens include top quality Schmidt ink refills. The Schmidt Easyflow refills start flowing ink the instant you begin writing. No delays. No skips. They produce a clean and precise ink line. And they last longer than standard refills.

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