Thin Blue Line Side Click Pen

Thin Blue Line Side Click Pen

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This Thin Blue Line pen is a great gift for any law enforcement officer or family member.

The slim profile, rugged clip and one handed click action make this pen the perfect on duty carry pen for police officers.

The body of the pen has been handcrafted from solid wood that has been dyed and laminated with the Thin Line. A durable clear finish is applied.

The metal components have a durable gun metal finish to compliment the Thin Blue Line body.

This pen operated with a "bolt action" style side click mechanism, which is both practical and stylish.

An option stylus cap is included for use on smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices. This feature is great for completing incident reports on tablets and laptops.

The pen uses a Parker style ink cartridge. Refills can be purchased at any office supply retailer.

All of our Parker Style ballpoint pens include top quality Schmidt ink refills. The Schmidt Easyflow refills start flowing ink the instant you begin writing. No delays. No skips. They produce a clean and precise ink line. And they last longer than standard refills.

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