Handcrafted Leather Pens

Handcrafted Leather Pens

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These unique pens have been handcrafted in collaboration with our friends at Ridgeway Leatherworks. Each pen body is made of premium leather layered and turned to shape. The leather is finished with natural beeswax. The leather will age and patina like the leather handled tools used by leather workers.

Choose from three styles:

EDC Click Pen with aluminum hardware

Side Click Pen with brass hardware

Twist pen with gold and black finish hardware

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This is a ballpoint pen with a black Parker style refill insert and activates with an ultra smooth twist mechanism. Refills are available at office supply retailers.
All of our Parker Style ballpoint pens include top quality Schmidt ink refills. The Schmidt Easyflow refills start flowing ink the instant you begin writing. No delays. No skips. They produce a clean and precise ink line. And they last longer than standard refills.