Handmade Wood Rollerball Pen - Green Resin Art

Handmade Wood Rollerball Pen - Green Resin Art

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This handcrafted rollerball pen will make writing tasks a pleasure.

The Baron Series is a quality rollerball pen handmade from maple burl and bright metallic green resin.

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This one-of-a-kind Barron rollerball pen will make a fine gift or addition to any pen collection.

The Barron series of pens is a truly elegant writing instrument that features:

- The ability to post the cap onto the pen body for writing and storage convenience

- The rollerball assembly includes a gold-plated pen nib with a replaceable premium Schmidt steel cartridge refill with a ceramic point (black ink included)

- Replacement ink cartridges are readily available at office supply retailers

The pen comes in a felt lined gift box.

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