Why Pens??

So why did you choose to make and sell pens?

There's a few reasons. 

The design possibilities are nearly endless with handmade pens.  There's ballpoint, rollerball, pencil, fountain (more on that in a future post).  There are so many styles and colors within each type.  And then there's the multitude of materials to work with, which is probably my favorite part.  Whether it's beautiful exotic wood species, hybrids of wood and resin or colorful acrylics, there are so many possibilities.  I truly enjoy picking out a material, pairing it with the hardware and seeing it all come together into a beautiful finished writing instrument. 

When it comes to "making", I prefer projects that I can to see the finished product in a short time frame.  I can generally start and finish a pen in the same day.  Something like a piece of furniture can take days or weeks and my attention span isn't that long.  

We strive to create writing instruments that will be enjoyed for many years to come.  Many of our pens are bought as gifts for all sorts of occasions.  Christmas, Father's Day, graduations, retirements, birthdays, etc.  It's always great to hear the stories of the people who are going to receive our pens.  Some of the most memorable are an FBI director's retirement, a Naval officer's promotion, a police officer's graduation from the academy and so many others.       

From a business standpoint, pens are great product for a small business with limited space.  They are easy to store, display and ship.  We store our entire inventory of finished pens in a space of less than 2 foot on our office desk.  The small size and weight of a pen allows us to ship anywhere in the country for little more than then cost of mocha latte.