The New Oak Lane Woodworks Store is Open for Business!!

You can now shop directly thru The shop is up and running and more inventory is being added daily.

Our most popular pens are now available in the shop including Bolt Action Pens, Whiskey Barrel Pens, Fly Fishing Pens and more.

Our family has a very long history in the fire service and I have served as a firefighter for almost 25 years. As such, crafting our line of Thin Red Line and Thin Blue Line Pens has great meaning to us. It’s always special shipping out one of these pens knowing it will be going to a members of the emergency services. And we love hearing the stories of the members who receive those pens as promotional, academy graduation or retirement gifts.

Over the holidays we had a supply issue with Maker’s Mark barrel wood and were only able to produce a few of those pens. I’m happy to announce we have secured enough material to make about 20 more Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrel Pens. They are available in both Bolt Action and Twist style pens. Additional styles available on special request.

And the ever popular American Flag Bolt Action Pen is back in stock. These pens take considerably longer to make than any other pen we offer as each tiny star and stripe is inlayed by hand. With the holiday rush I was only able to get a few made, but they are available to order now.

Stay tuned as we have a lot of new goodies planned for 2019. More colors, more styles and even some completely new product lines. We introduced seam rippers for the sewing crowd during the holiday show season. They were a big hit so we’ll be offering them on the site shortly.

We appreciate each and every order a well as all the support our customers have shown us. We Thank You all for a great year and look forward to everything 2019 has to offer.

Ballpoint, Rollerball, Fountain - What's the difference?

Even in this digital age, everyone still writes by hand to some degree.  The quality of the writing instrument you choose will have a direct effect on your writing experience.  

There's no doubt that writing with a beautiful pen that moves nicely across the paper will result in a more enjoyable writing experience.  And when you enjoy doing something, you are more likely to do it more often.  

Ballpoint is the most common type of pen used today.  It's what you'll find in that pen you "borrowed" from the bank or your employer, but don't worry....we won't tell.  

Ballpoint pens generally write a thinner, less vivid line. Ballpoint pens typically use an oil based ink that dries instantly on paper.  The design of the ballpoint tip as well as the ink's properties prevents the ink from drying out in the pen.  

Rollerball is considered to be a better writing instrument.  It writes with a thicker more vivid line. The ink is a water based "gel" and may smudge if you quickly run your hand over it.  As a result of the water based ink, rollerball pens are capped to prevent the ink from drying in the pen.  The liquid ink of a rollerball provides a smoother writing experience that is preferred by many.  Browse our selection of handmade rollerball pens.

Where the ballpoint and rollerball use a very similar mechanism to deliver the ink, fountain pens have a completely different design.  And within the fountain pen "genre" there are different styles of nibs, ink reservoirs and ink.  Our handcrafted fountain pens are available here.

A fountain pen contains a replaceable or refillable ink resevoir.  Fountain pens use a liquid ink similar to that of the rollerball pen.  The ink is delivered via a combination of gravity and capillary action through a "feed" to the nib or writing tip.  

There are many sizes and styles of fountain pen nibs to match various writing styles.  Fountain pen inks are available in a nearly endless variety of colors and viscosities to suit the writers preference. 

Although rollerball pens typically write better, we use a model of refill in all of our ballpoint pens what closely rivals the quality of a rollerball.  The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint refill is considered to be the best available.  As a result of their precision tip and high quality ink, the EasyFlow refill starts flowing ink the instant you begin writing with no delays or skips. They produce a clean and precise ink line. And they last longer than standard refills.

Write that down.